Digital PR

We assist brands with their cross-cultural digital PR amplification strategy, by combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media, and research.

From Paris to Shanghai, Be Influential provides complete digital PR solutions that help cross-cultural brands optimize their international PR and communication efforts, which helps build their brand awareness on both sides of the world.

Our expertise and know-how is focused on five pillars:

  • Customized “Online and Print Media Relations”

  • Personalized “Influencers Seeding & Product Endorsement”

  • Tailored “Social Media Community Management”

  • Cross-border “Press & Influencers Event”

  • Multi-culture “Marketing Consulting”

We’re flexible. As per your specific needs, we customize a “5 in 1” monthly package service including these five pillars.


Online and Print Media Relations

Media is evolving together with digital trends

With friendly relations with over 100 press and media outlets (digital and print), as well as up and coming websites, we keep close media relationships with major beauty editors and beauty directors for our brands. On behalf of the brand, we visit journalist teams and proactively pitch beauty topics to the likes of Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, INSTYLE, and Madame Figaro on a monthly basis. We help you transform standard press releases into conversations that speak to your target audience via authoritative press and platforms.

By organizing monthly PR seeding, your brand and products will be able to reap the rewards from coverage featuring celebrities and experts with trendy topics.

We’re professional. Let Be Influential customize your own media list, help build your brand awareness, and create buzz for your new launches. After we create and manage your campaign, we monitor performance and generate a PR report with our analyses.

Influencers Seeding & Product Endorsement

Your products are in hands of social media influencers

Be Influential’s extensive and accurate database has more than 30K beauty, fashion and lifestyle content creators, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and digital influencers. By collaborating with these social media influencers, brands will be able to create engaging and high coverage content for building brand awareness and generating sales.

We collaborate with 2 types of social media stars that know how to promote your brand and glorify your products: 1.) content creators on Instagram, Youtube, Weibo, WeChat, and 2.) selling KOLs on E-Commerce platforms of your specific market.

We choose digital influencers (KOLs) and other personalities who match your brand’s mission and have a strong subscription base. We discover micro-influencers who are more authentic, affordable and efficient, with high engagement rates from your targeted audience. With our extensive database of 10K micro-influencers, your products will be effectively recommended to your target customers.

Through the use of highly engaging content, Be Influential helps brands create personalized successful international campaigns that are not only visually appealing and impactful, but also deliver tangible results.

We’re unique. Be Influential aims to promote talent, new influencers and amateurs, who can mobilize a large community on their social networks. After we create and manage your campaign, we monitor the performance, measure KPI and generate a social report with our analyses.

Social Media Community Management

On Weibo & WeChat in China

On Instagram, Facebook & Twitter around the world!

By setting up and running official accounts on social networks, we communicate the original mission and personality of each brand. We help you inspire your audience through your brand, through generating content and followers on these platforms.

We tailor your social media accounts with creative digital campaigns in accordance with your unique branding, global marketing and local sales strategies. We link brands tightly with their followers, target customers and the specific retail market.

We’re experts in stories telling. Our mission is to help you build a long-term relationship with your followers around the world and to build your brand awareness by presenting your followers with high quality, tailored content. We manage and monitor your community performance, measure KPI and generate a community report with our analyses.

Press & Influencers Event

Take your offline PR campaign to social… and vice versa.


We invite influencers, along with beauty editors and directors as per your specific goals, to your offline PR event. We take care of every detail of your social PR event. We help you optimize and synchronize your international digital communication with local events.

We cast, send and accompany your selected premium influencers to the world. We make your events multicultural and international, and your PR campaign will be in line with your international marketing strategy. To add icing on the cake, wherever your event is located, whether it’s in your headquarter country or anywhere around the world, we help you to broadcast your brand and products to your followers regardless of the time difference!

We’re international. Let Be Influential make your followers and targeted consumers be instantly connected with your brand, and discover more of your brand and products!

Multi-culture “marketing consulting”

Our expertise in multi-cultural marketing and retail makes your E-commerce easier in Chinese market.


Be Influential invites brands to discover our one-on-one marketing consulting service with our team leader and explore our know-how in digital marketing. We make sure that you’ll have a clear vision and deep comprehension on your marketing and business development strategies in China.

We benchmark and monitor the competitors of your new business market and provide monthly reports and analyses on your digital performance.

We’re experienced. Be Influential helps you make your business development and Chinese marketing plan in this promising land.

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